Our Mission at Avery Chapel is to:

"Equip Families, Empower People, and Serve the Community"

The purpose of the African Methodist Episcopal Church as envisioned by it's founder, Richard Allen, has always been to empower men and women through a free and liberating worship experience, education, and economic development.  Through Biblical Teaching, Evangelical Outreach, Cultural Fluency, Spiritual Discipline, and Christian Fellowship, we will help each person come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.  We will seek to help individuals and families within our church and community to know and understand their kingdom calling, and how to maximize their God-given potential to the glory of God.  Through partnership other churches and with organizations whose goals and objectives are in concert with those of the Christian Community and Methodism world-wide, we seek to realize our objectives and potential development within our community, neighboring communities, and across the world.  We promote and subscribe to the biblical principal that the Body of Christ must be equipped and empowered to realize the fullness of all God's promises to his people.  Please consider Avery chapel if you are looking for a Church Home and thank you for coming.  The Ideal Family Church!